Parmalee Will Bring The Music

Since 2001, brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, cousin Barry Knox, and friend Josh McSwain have been on the road chasing their aspirations of becoming a country-rock band. Paying homage to their southern roots, they named their breakout single “Carolina” which is now a Platinum-certified hit.


Along with their hard work and dedication, the group has released several more singles, some of which include “Close Your Eyes,” “Already Callin’ You Mine,” and from their second album, “Sunday Morning.” Named after their hometown’s zip code, 27861 proves Parmalee’s visionary musical talent while still staying true to themselves.

With smooth harmonies laced with a touch of rock-and-roll spirit, this country group has got entertaining down to a science.

Can it just be May 16th already? We’re on edge waiting to hear their live set!