Gone West Takes Us Home with Sincerity and Sophistication

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Gone West is a brand new, Nashville-based supergroup comprised of two couples determined to go wherever life’s flow takes them next, all the while captivating the hearts of listeners everywhere.  The budding quartet is comprised of Grammy Award-winning folk-pop artist Colbie Caillat, her fiancée and acclaimed singer-songwriter Justin Kawika Young, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Jason Reeves, along with his wife and ACM and CMT nominated artist, Nelly Joy.  The band cites a variety of influences on their work, some of which include Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, Tom Petty, and Miranda Lambert. Polished and pure, hardy and heartfelt, Gone West embodies a lovely cooperation of breezy pop and country twang sure to have you singing along to every word.

When asked how Gone West came to be, Caillat describes the sequence of events as very natural. The four of them were friends and had been performing together supporting Caillat’s album, The Malibu Sessions, when one day, they came to understand that their dynamic had evolved into something truly special. They loved what they were doing and who they were doing it with, so the two couples decided to pursue the band wholeheartedly.

“It was an acoustic tour and very harmony driven, and we realized how much fun touring could be when you’re with your friends and significant others – and can bring your dogs out on the road too.”

Their highly-anticipated debut EP Tides was welcomed by the masses with open arms, almost immediately securing a spot on the iTunes Top 5 Country charts. “Gone West,” the kickoff track to the EP, invites listeners into the lives behind the song through heart-warming and intimate lyrics grounded by foot-stomping bass beats.

“We’re all from west of Tennessee, and when we’re not in Nashville, chances are we’ve gone west – Back to Iowa, Texas, California, or Hawaii. Each verse is about going to our significant others’ hometown and bringing them to Nashville. It’s autobiographical and our band’s theme song.”

Another track on Tides is “Confetti,” a fresh take on a classic story of loss and heartbreak. Caillat recalls being excited about having the chance to “flip the script lyrically on a breakup song.”  The song truly sparkles as it celebrates an empowering liberation from negativity with sharp lyrics like “my heart didn’t break when I broke into that old bottle of fancy champagne I’ve been saving for the perfect time.”

Gone West’s four-part, effortlessly enchanting harmonies contain whispers of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Their music reflects a balance of sophistication and open-mindedness that has already earned them features in CMT’s Listen Up Class of 2019 and Sounds Like Nashville’s Artists to Watch 2019. We could not be more excited to have them join us at Live In The Vineyard Goes Country from March 14-16. Sign up for a chance to win tickets to see them perform live in Napa Valley!