Caylee Hammack’s Roots Run Deep


Caylee Hammack is reevaluating modern country music with her debut single “Family Tree.”  A song about her family and friends, Hammack sings of their deep roots and the love they share.  With upbeat melodies, the song is undeniably catchy yet honest. Hammack expresses the influence and importance of growing up in her hometown; how nothing will shake her family tree. Written and produced entirely her best friends, Hammack knows it is one of the most special songs from her upcoming album, having released it this past January.  

Originally from Ellaville, Georgia and currently residing in Nashville, Hammack is dedicated to her career as a musician. She’s determined and refreshingly different. Describing herself as a “hippie in a hillbilly town,” Hammack was born to put her abilities to the test, persevering life through the solace of music. “I used to pray every night as a kid, ‘God, just please make me different. Don’t make me like everyone else,’” she recalls.

Since she was thirteen, Hammack has been playing in hole-in-the-wall bars, various music festivals, and theatres. After a medical scare when she was sixteen, she decided to pursue music seriously and began to focus heavily on songwriting. Commuting to Nashville every other week to write and produce music, Hammack could only dream of living in the Music City. She’s gone through plenty of ups and downs in burgeoning career; from turning down college to spend nights in her car, and using a fake ID to book gigs, Hammack was able to work full time as a musician starting in 2013.  

Signing with Capitol Records, and then losing her home due to an electrical fire, Hammack had to reorganize her life when things became crucial.

“My dad has always said that the most beautiful and strongest things are forged in the fire,” she says. “Iron is nothing until you work it in a fire. Glass cannot be blown without intense heat. You can’t make anything beautiful or strong without a little heat.”

Hammack approached the tragedy as if life gave her lemons, and her way to deal with the sorrow was to make lemonade. Tested by the fire, she turned to her songwriting as a way to describe her life story. Hammack’s sound has remarkable depth.  Her powerful voice can silence a crowd one minute and have them dancing on their feet the next. Combining country roots with modern pop and rock, the young artist’s self-penned music is brutally sincere. Daring and invincible, Caylee Hammack is an artist that cannot be missed. Be sure to sign up for our sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets to Live In The Vineyard Goes Country this May!