A Songwriter At Heart, Walker Hayes Has A “Reason To Rhyme”


Genre-bending, anti-mainstream, and captivating.  This is what comes to mind listening to Walker Hayes. Homemade and constantly evolving his sound, Hayes is always one step ahead. Blending techniques from pop, rock, rap, and country, he provides a refreshing sound for any listener. A father of six, ex costco employee, and a proud owner of a My Little Pony skateboard, Hayes is a force to be reckoned with.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, southern influence and charm have inevitably weaned their way into Hayes’ music.  He was passionate about piano growing up, and later turned his favorite pastime into a crucial tool for his career. This carried on through college culminating in a music degree from Chapel Hill.

Falling in love with songwriting, Hayes moved to Nashville in hopes of signing with a label.  It wasn’t until nearly a decade later that he released his debut album “Reason To Rhyme.” The album had a very traditional country sound created for the purpose of radio popularity and featured “Pants” which reached 60 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Hayes truly discovered his sound with the release of the ‘8Tracks’ series. An establishment that included two volumes, “Good Shit” and “Break The Internet.” ‘8Tracks’ included Hayes’ smash hit (and certified gold) “You Broke Up with Me,” which would ultimately put the artist on the radar. Without a record label, Hayes’ weight was lifted off his shoulders. He realized that there was no longer any pressure or standards put upon the music he made. Embracing his independent style, Hayes focused and recorded over 100 songs. His self-produced songs began to create buzz in the Nashville scene. When discovered by Shane McAnally, he was immediately signed.

In 2017, Hayes released “boom.,” his first fully produced album since 2013. Despite the intense attention from commercial success, he has been able to stay true to his roots both personally and lyrically. Creating songs that are relatable and honest, Walker Hayes is an artist we are honored to invite to the stage this year. If you’re looking forward to seeing him too, enter for a chance to win tickets through our sweepstakes!