Ingrid Andress Hits Home

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Ingrid Andress is one of Live In The Vineyard’s favorite up-and-coming songwriters.  Her blend of humorous wordplay and heart-rendering emotion leaves audiences in awe, showering her performances with misty-eyes and applause.


Hailing from Denver, Andress has been chipping away at expectations of herself, and her music, since she was a child. Born into a large family and homeschooled in her youth, Andress grew up an outsider, away from the social norms most children develop and conform to.  What little girls are "supposed" to do, or how she was supposed to interact with the world around her, Andress paved her own way; which led her to become the thoughtful, lyrical songwriter she is today.

Since Ingrid’s song, “Lady Like,” debuted, it has been streamed over 2.5 million times.  After counting down the days to hear another song from the Atlantic Records/Warner Music recording artist, the wait is finally over.  “More Hearts Than Mine” is now available on all streaming platforms.

While at Yountville Live, our sister festival, Ingrid sat down at Bubble’s Brunch, to talk about how the song came to be.  It’s a song about the anticipation of introducing her new love interest to her family and what she thought that experience would be like:

“It’s hard to put into words how much I love my family. I have never been good at expressing my emotions, but all of my true feelings come out when I write songs,” she says. “As someone who usually has thick skin, I hate to admit that it took me a second to stop crying when I was recording this one. My family is a sacred part of my life that I will always protect; they shaped who I am, and this song is for them. ‘More Hearts Than Mine’ is my story, but I hope you hear your own story in it too.”


Andress’ newest single is able to combine raw emotion with a serene sincerity; the duality of this comes together, inundating listeners into a sea of their own memories.  It’s songs like these that has critics from CMT calling her “arguably one of the most creative tunesmiths to call Nashville home in recent memory.”

While “More Hearts Than Mine” and “Lady Like” are her only songs readily available, the Colorado-native will release more new music throughout the year.  Audiences walk away from her shows impressed and appreciative to have seen this young talent at the genesis of a very exciting tour and career. Her next stop, Live In The Vineyard Goes Country.